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    Glenn Manton

    “With the speaking arena saturated it is rare and refreshing to find an authentic individual who has a true gift and developed ability to captivate and engage any audience”

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A unique individual whose sporting career, public speaking ability, media presence and philantrophic endeavors allows for a diverse community following. Know more about Glenn here


Co-founder of Whitelion, experienced teacher and published author highlight the diverse background of Glenn Manton beyond...

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Knowledge of self, relationship development and communication/s form the foundation of Glenn Manton's...

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2014 marks the 15th year of operation for Whitelion the not-for-profit organization Glenn Manton co-founded to support...

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School Presentations

Many young people leave school defined by their ATAR score whilst feeling confused about their identity and overwhelmed by...

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Glenn Manton has repeatedly serviced diverse sectors of the corporate world in the roles of (key note) speaker, presenter,...

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Glenn Manton offers support to individuals through tailored coaching programs that focus on holistic support.

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Ross Dean (Manager - Victorian Educational Leadership Consortium)

" At the same time though; Glenn is far more than a once only activity. As an advocate and leader in the area of..."

Jenny Petridis (Catholic Regional College)

" Glenn Manton played an integral role as motivational speaker for our Senior School initiative focusing on student..."

Julia Mathers (Goulburn Valley Grammar School)

" Glen has been involved with our Year 12 Study Camp for the last two years and he has consistently delivered a..."

Blair Cooper (The Peninsula School)

" Glenn has presented to the Year 12 cohort at The Peninsula School for the past two years. He brings his own..."

Fiona Hili (St Columba's College, Essendon)

" Glenn Manton visits our College regularly as a motivational speaker for a student seminar on healthy..."

David Barclay (Thomastown Secondary College)

" As a Principal in secondary schools for the past 25 years I can testify to the skill and expertise of Glenn..."

Sharing ones thoughts

Sharing ones thoughts provides for the distribution of weight. Weight in the form of anxiety or the pursuit of...

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The opening chapter

The opening chapter from a youth focused book I wrote in 2010 titled - Something to take away.

The book...

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Refocus your ATAR goal

A single minded ATAR (Year 12) focus isn’t balanced. And ultimately may contribute to physical, emotional...

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Dead Bolt revisited.

The prose below is from my first book Dead Bolt released in 2004. This particular piece centre’s upon the...

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3 Key business connectors

Being an effective business owner requires many skills, one of the most important is attracting and engaging...

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A Glimpse Into Glenn Manton

Certain words spring to mind when characterising Glenn Manton. Multi-skilled, insightful, confident, full of...

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Balancing curriculum

Is secondary school curriculum and its rigid allocation of time hampering the holistic development of young...

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8 Laws of leadership

Leadership can be heavily spotlit or shrouded in shadow. Loud or demonstratively quiet. Leadership radiates and...

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