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About Better Body 12 Weeks...

After weighing up all the possibilities I've come to the firm conclusion that we are all afforded one life. And as such how we choose to live is ultimately - a personal decision.

My choice to to extract every ounce of 'living' by exploring fearlessly - taking every opportunity that presents to learn and/or find adventure.

In order to accommodate the aforementioned philosophy I choose to maintain a personal standard with respect to my emotional,psychological and physical wellbeing.

I uphold my standards according to my personal integrity each and every day. 

The 'folk' behind BB12W approached me to act as a coach and an ambassador for their program.

I agreed to share insights into my personal health and fitness regime as I believe they want to genuinely assist people in either improving or recovering individual health and fitness.

BB12W is a business - money is involved.

Each time my program is purchased I will receive a percentage of the profit.

I share this information with you because I would be excited to think that my program helped YOU make positive short or long term changes in your life and I am absolutely committed to supporting people both virtually and in the real world with respect to their wellbeing.

BUT...I am not even remotely interested in 'pushing' anything upon you in any way.

Eat as you will.Train as you will.Live as you will.Buy the program or don't.The choice is yours.

I learn't many years ago having invested 4 years of my life supporting a young drug addict (who ultimately choose drugs over my friendship and love) that choice begins and ends with the individual.

BB12W is a business...a business that might provide you with a framework to improve or change your life.

I've already made my choices...and will continue to do so.

I'll leave you to make yours.