Glenn Manton on Donald Trump win

The ignorance.

The arrogance.

The racism.

The sexism.

The Donald.

The newly elected President of the deeply dived United States of America is Mr Donald Trump even after a good nights sleep.

Through deliberate skill or pointed bravado Donald Trump has successfully manipulated the media monster that 'we' have allowed to dictate our values.

He didn't bite the hand that fed him as much as he gnawed it off. 

Trump won the media battle crushing his opponent Hilary Clinton in the process.

His appointment to the Whitehouse should serve notice that it is 'our' time to act.

With accuracy we should target the media.

Media which relentlessly disseminatesfear to suggest the value of your life against people of different race ,religion or sexuality, your acquisition of material wealth or who deserves your attention and admiration.

Trump played the media.The media played us. We played ourselves.

Our willingness to accept journalism and programming across all forms of media that is purely fear driven is at the core of Trumps ascension to power.

We provided the platform. We shared our interest. We asked for more.

Mr Donald Trump never deserved our attention.

Long before this political race we added kindling to the fire by accepting the media's self centered promotion of Donald Trump. (For want of one example) The Apprentice. Please! We could have fired Trump years ago but instead chose to buy in by tuning in when we should have ensured we tuned out.

Trumps election should laser focus our media digestion ensuring we ingest only the most researched and well weighted journalism (and programming). Journalism that injects ethical opinion, increases community value and truly sheds light on the world (and the issues) around us.

Now Trumps long dark shadow is cast upon us all including our children - globally. Said children need to see this desperate adult decision as the catalyst for change in their world.

Our children need to be taught how to lead individually and collectively.

This process starts with education.

Media studies should be part of the base curriculum in schools from primary age.

Empowering future generations with the tools necessary to dissect media (including social media, general programming and advertising) prevents the growth and subsequent strength of an individual such as Donald Trump. We need to compliment such action as adults withrole modelling in this space that must be A1 - nothing less. We must take the oxygen away from second rate media sources and their promotions (programs/individuals)

To those journalists, editors and producers that report and share stories and insight with integrity and passion I thank you for your efforts and hope that this time shines a light upon your 'copy' or 'broadcast' be it under the banner of a major media player or from your desk at home.

And to those hacks who portray fear to the masses using the full colour spectrum I sincerely hope that this Presidential election marks a global community shift that sees your shallow ambition/s targeted and destroyed. There are simply too many untalented, ego centric, money driven journalists prepared to 'do whatever it takes for a story' or for a foot on the corporate ladder even if that is to fabricate ,manipulate or complicate in order to promote fear.

We haven't reached this point because of Trump. Or Clinton.Nor the institution that is the media.

'We' are here because 'we' lost sight of what that institution should mean to us.

We control the media.

Now is the time to act accordingly.

Own the media.

Demand accuracy.

Promote people-stories-articles-programs of real value.

Ensure positive evolution for all.

The Donald must be seen as The wake up call.

*For the record I couldn't have cast a vote for either candidate...I hold no such privilege when it comes to American politics. Which is fortunate as I find it hard enough to vote in my own country where we harbour our own collection of questionable political characters. 

I do however have the interest and ability to thoughtfully curate the world of media about me ensuring'fear' never acts as the foundation for my actions or my role modelling.