The beauty of Zoolander #Authentic

Glenn Manton Authentic

Removing your underwear without first removing your pants is an impressive act of physical contortion and mental aptitude.

Watching the original Zoolander (movie) ahead of its imminent sequel not only reminded me of Hansels's ability to perform under the intense pressure of a 'walk off' but also the importance of safety protocols at petrol stations & Frankie goes to Hollywood.

Beyond having my memory jolted the movie got me thinking about beauty. Or to be more specific what real beauty is.

What does it look like?
What does it sound like?
What does it act like?

We live in a age of instant gratification. An age where 'likes' equal currency. Currency that translates into everything from real world dollars to imagined social status.Most social media pilots know how to manipulate themselves via photo to best 'share' their good side beit below their waste,across their chest or resting upon their neck.

Is this a reflection of beauty?

I have a friend who models for a variety of different clothing lines from sports wear to high end fashion labels.Her physical beauty is obvious. She ticks all the right visual boxes and certainly knows her craft in front of the camera with her raw or polished pictures always looking amazing...but it's her true beauty that is worthy of apologies 'likes'.

She exudes a tangible zest for life,interest in and warmth for other people and a sense of grounded self worth.Qualities which are often over shadowed in today's gratuitous world.

Using my friends personal qualities as a starting point I looked to create a short list of words (qualities) that encompass beauty...true beauty. Words to motivate...practice and live by.

My list included honesty,forgiveness,patience,
empathy and admiration.

To be thoughtfully honest in your assessment of self or critique of another is beautiful.

To show real patience internally or externally is a beautiful quality.

To admire without reward and in turn share that admiration is a beautiful trait.

To consistently display the ability to relate to and appreciate another person demonstrates not only empathy but beauty.

And to be able to genuinely forgive may show beauty in its most raw form.

That Hansel...he's so hot right now...but so is the person who chooses to practice real beauty rather than looking to capture it in an image in an attempt to gain recognition.

There is no beauty in forced significance.


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