Australia Day,nightclubs & Star Wars #Authentic

Glenn Manton Authentic

Trainers,skinny jeans and a basic t-shirt...come on in. 
Loud Hawaiian shirt,denim shorts and boat shoes...welcome.
Retro pants,oversized singlet and Havaianas...please enter. 
Flowing hipster beard,tightly cropped hair,tall and gangly or ewok short all sorts are welcomed into the 2016 night club.

There was a time however when gaining entry into a dim,dank and often desperate after hours space was far more challenging.

Like an Imperial starship jammed pack with Stormtroopers the requirement was that everybody looked the same. Otherwise you simply didn't get in.
Blue jeans,checked shirt and Blundstones or 'Sorry mate not tonight'.

The odd exception past the line of scrimmage and enjoyed his place as a peacock amongst pigeons but generally everyone looked cloned.

Fast forward to Australia Day 2016 and beyond the days that someone would steal my identity for the night and my free drink card at the Tunnel and things have changed for the better.

It still doesn't hurt to be wearing 'the right' trainers or sport appropriately groomed facial hair but in general if you present well,smell vaguely human and act in a civilized fashion you will be welcomed into one of the plethora of night clubs,bars and late night venues around Australia.

Of course some establishments have strict dress requirements. And an argument could be made that some welcome all to ensure they make a dollar.

But I think the truth lies in the fact that as a country,community and as individuals the vast majority of Australians have come to not only recognize but celebrate the fact that our incredible land is home to so many wonderfully diverse people.

People who enjoy equal opportunity to enjoy the greatest common denominator that is music (and a drink or two) regardless of what they wear,the color of their skin or the origins of their family.

I hope that this Australia Day reminds us all that we should embrace individuality,celebrate diversity and be inclusive of all those who wish to uphold the same values.

I enjoy sharing my country and the dance floor with people whose current perspectives and personal history are different to mine. This is how I learn to appreciate...and grow.

Australia invaluable reminder of 'our' great strengths collectively and the Tunnel...or Revolver.


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