Life poses many questions - Like are you Authentic?

Glenn Manton Authentic

Life poses many questions.

The questions themselves really shouldn't be seen as unexpected as most are age's more a case of the timing of said questions as we are often asked at the most inconvenient of moments.

Regardless (for example) of our age,culture,economic status or education the questions we face as individuals are universal.

Considering the questions 'ahead of time' is a proactive approach to ensuring that your answer/s are as thoughtful and informed as possible.

For example...How might you answer these three distinctly different questions...

What is failure?
Are we free?
Does everybody have depression?

What drove your answer?
Do your answers genuinely reflect your understanding or are they the sole result of external influence?
Are you answers emotionally driven,overtly calculated or a considered blend of both?
Do you see your answers as being final or could time/experience change the direction of your response?

There are many angles to consider.

My latest book Authentic (a hard cover diary sized publication) shares 99 carefully curated questions that range from playful to provocative in order to provide the reader with a non-prescriptive platform from which to think for themselves.

The response to Authentic has been overwhelming with schools,corporate groups and community bodies/clubs acquiring bulk copies for employee,student and teams alike in order to promote genuine thought and conversation/s within individuals and groups.

No one has all the answers. However to have at least thought carefully about the question/s is an advantageous starting point.Authentic provides the reader with such a position.

Perspective is a valuable resource so to empathy and debate.

My thinking is the result of being hungry for knowledge...a preparedness to challenge the status quo and a want to be able to answer the questions that life inevitably throws at us all in a thoughtful way.

Whether you're a VCE student,entrenched business person or simply someone wanting to learn more about themselves & the world around you Authentic represents a positive personal investment.
Written without prescription or deliberate provocation Authentic is targeted at anyone wanting to think,rethink or just hear their own voice above a world of noise.

Authentic sets out each of it's 99 questions opposite a lined page inviting your response written or otherwise.

Write one word or more.
Sit back and ponder.
Discuss with friends and peers.
The investment is yours alone.
As too the result.

Invest in yourself...purchase a copy here -