A clear message for the Youth of today

Glenn Manton, Authentic

As a young person (let alone an adult) you'd be excused for wanting the world to slow down so you could get off to catch your breath given the expectations, stimulus and potential life outcomes currently on offer.

Born in 1973 I worried not about (for example) the affordability of property, terrorist attacks, cyber bullying or the rate of divorce.I was told and dutifully believed that everything would be ok if I simply played by the rules.

Playing by the rules, however, doesn't necessarily equate to success...especially in 2017. The rules have changed somewhat.In fact, it could be said the rules are fluid at best and policed according to the dollar.

My eldest sons focus on acquiring his driving license has illuminated a 'rule' that pits government policy dollars versus the corporate marketing dollars.Which should he play by?

Should he 'concentrate or kill' as per the strap line that the TAC has long promoted as an important traffic safety message OR should he take in the aggressive stimulus consistently offered via strategically placed billboards as he travels across Melbourne's motorways? (Particularly the freeway system eg Monash)

It's hard to blame a young person for being distracted by something 'shiny' when we as adults have not only set the course but failed to provide any tools to help chart it.

Fortunately, this is where my professional background and (current) services provide young people (and adults) with a unique opportunity to safety explore and discuss various aspects, issues and stages of life.

Personal experience has taught me that looking to confront Government policy and/or corporate spending head on only creates paper based turmoil as both factions look to protect themselves robustly and deflect any negativity regardless of what is right.As a result, a great deal of time, in particular, is lost and change is unlikely. Thus I look to provide an adjunct to such practice. 

Thus why I offer via my public speaking and workshops the opportunity for the audience to develop a greater knowledge of self in a non-prescriptive, safe and bespoke environment which promotes discussion and thought.

The desired outcome/s being that individuals know how to create life maps, boundaries and goals that work for them in the real world whilst being mindful of others and their potentially differing approach/s.

A world that isn't always easily understood can be broken down and digested when individuals are given the opportunity. Young people need regular opportunities to access and refine their thoughts and opinions against those of 'others'. When provided with a safe environment to grow and the right stimulus to think young people have the ability to establish personal boundaries and calibrate their moral compass which allows them to process the complex if not compromised stimulus around them. 

I hope my eldest son chooses to concentrate not only on the road but on his personal development.