VCE - Reinvigoration for Staff/Students/Parents

Glenn Manton, VCE students

The pressure and associated stresses of VCE are real.And not just for the student body. Staff and parents alike are directly affected by the combination of internal and external anxieties and expectations.

Few relationships survive VCE (Yrs 11 & 12) without tension. Some fair much worse resulting in long term damage.

With the clock ticking and the school timetable strained with curriculum based expectations many schools elect not to involve any external contractors during the VCE years. Others see it differently.

Regardless of perspective one innovative,inclusive and potentially invaluable solution in balancing curriculum and elevating connection (relationships) is to create an event outside of regular school hours. A VCE 'REINVIGORATION' if you will.

Investing time on a (for example) Wednesday night to enjoy some respite in the form of 'edu-tainment' is a creatively focused way to look at issues,share  messages,create discussion all whilst improving everyone's morale in a safe,interactive and enjoyable environment.

The provision of light refreshments and some 'down time' also allows for inadvertent conversation between all in attendance.

With over 20 years experience in creating and facilitating workshop style events in schools I have the knowledge & creativity to ensure such an important external commitment becomes part of a schools on-going VCE calendar due to its success.

I look forward to (potentially) working in with your school to create a bespoke event that becomes a highlight of the VCE calendar for all.