Edu-tainment - Why your choice of guest speaker is critical

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After all these years...I finally did it.

As a result of LinkedIns news feed no less.

And I thought LinkedIn was just a glorified corporate dating site!

A LinkedIn members post in my news feed to which I could directly relate to the content and the accompanying frustration prompted me to contact them directly to (gasp) promote my services.

I felt compromised in doing so as I've always relied on positive word of mouth (and my website) but reading this particular news article I couldn't help but throw my hand in the air and wave it like I just didn't care to suggest an alternative does exist.

Said post was littered with references to (essentially) boredom as the direct result of a guest speaker/presenter. Whom according to the post was (ironically) looking to promote innovation, change and optimal work performance at a major global corporate business.

It should be said that the presentation may have offered some thoughtful comment and well constructed slides but if delivery, performance, interactivity,

audience recognition, creativity and personal insight are not present then it's just someone regurgitating information.

Information which isn't retained. Information which diminishes interest.

Information that fractures connection between the audience and management.

Information that does not 'promote innovation, change and optimal work performance'

As a professional speaker with extensive experience on stage and screen, I can comfortably stand behind a lectern to the left of stage whilst wearing a crisp white shirt and make reference to colourful slides and accurate notes.  

But I wouldn't dream of it.

My job is to 'edu-tain' from the inside out where ever possible allowing for the audience to share in the presentation and ensure both short and long-term retention...change...success.

My message was simple to my fellow LinkedIn member --

Dear --- 

There is a back story to my wishing to connect with you which I'll condense to this - 'don't be afraid to promote yourself'

I read your recent piece on LI as it came up in my feed and thought that my skill sets as a speaker would have made an enormous difference to you and your audience 

Anyway - that's my hard sell  Feel free to check out my website - and if you think the fit appropriate I'd be happy to hear from you.

This isn't a generic message...I'm stressing writing it as it's not my style but I've got to be more pro-active about my working life.


Kind regards,

Glenn Manton

And now I've shared my message with you.