A clear message for the Youth of today

Glenn Manton, Authentic

As a young person (let alone an adult) you'd be excused for wanting the world to slow down so you could get off to catch your breath given the expectations, stimulus and potential life outcomes currently on offer.

Born in 1973 I worried not about (for example) the affordability of property, terrorist attacks, cyber bullying or the rate of divorce.I was told and dutifully believed that everything would be ok if I simply played by the rules.

Playing by the rules, however, doesn't necessarily equate to success...especially in 2017. The rules have changed somewhat.In fact, it could be said the rules are fluid at best and policed according to the dollar.

My eldest sons focus on acquiring his driving license has illuminated a 'rule' that pits government policy dollars versus the corporate marketing dollars.Which should he play by?

Should he 'concentrate or kill' as per the strap line that the TAC has long promoted as an important traffic safety message OR should he take in the aggressive stimulus consistently offered via strategically placed billboards as he travels across Melbourne's motorways? (Particularly the freeway system eg Monash)

It's hard to blame a young person for being distracted by something 'shiny' when we as adults have not only set the course but failed to provide any tools to help chart it.

Fortunately, this is where my professional background and (current) services provide young people (and adults) with a unique opportunity to safety explore and discuss various aspects, issues and stages of life.

Personal experience has taught me that looking to confront Government policy and/or corporate spending head on only creates paper based turmoil as both factions look to protect themselves robustly and deflect any negativity regardless of what is right.As a result, a great deal of time, in particular, is lost and change is unlikely. Thus I look to provide an adjunct to such practice. 

Thus why I offer via my public speaking and workshops the opportunity for the audience to develop a greater knowledge of self in a non-prescriptive, safe and bespoke environment which promotes discussion and thought.

The desired outcome/s being that individuals know how to create life maps, boundaries and goals that work for them in the real world whilst being mindful of others and their potentially differing approach/s.

A world that isn't always easily understood can be broken down and digested when individuals are given the opportunity. Young people need regular opportunities to access and refine their thoughts and opinions against those of 'others'. When provided with a safe environment to grow and the right stimulus to think young people have the ability to establish personal boundaries and calibrate their moral compass which allows them to process the complex if not compromised stimulus around them. 

I hope my eldest son chooses to concentrate not only on the road but on his personal development. 

Edu-tainment - Why your choice of guest speaker is critical

Glenn Manton Authentic blog


After all these years...I finally did it.

As a result of LinkedIns news feed no less.

And I thought LinkedIn was just a glorified corporate dating site!

A LinkedIn members post in my news feed to which I could directly relate to the content and the accompanying frustration prompted me to contact them directly to (gasp) promote my services.

I felt compromised in doing so as I've always relied on positive word of mouth (and my website) but reading this particular news article I couldn't help but throw my hand in the air and wave it like I just didn't care to suggest an alternative does exist.

Said post was littered with references to (essentially) boredom as the direct result of a guest speaker/presenter. Whom according to the post was (ironically) looking to promote innovation, change and optimal work performance at a major global corporate business.

It should be said that the presentation may have offered some thoughtful comment and well constructed slides but if delivery, performance, interactivity,

audience recognition, creativity and personal insight are not present then it's just someone regurgitating information.

Information which isn't retained. Information which diminishes interest.

Information that fractures connection between the audience and management.

Information that does not 'promote innovation, change and optimal work performance'

As a professional speaker with extensive experience on stage and screen, I can comfortably stand behind a lectern to the left of stage whilst wearing a crisp white shirt and make reference to colourful slides and accurate notes.  

But I wouldn't dream of it.

My job is to 'edu-tain' from the inside out where ever possible allowing for the audience to share in the presentation and ensure both short and long-term retention...change...success.

My message was simple to my fellow LinkedIn member --

Dear --- 

There is a back story to my wishing to connect with you which I'll condense to this - 'don't be afraid to promote yourself'

I read your recent piece on LI as it came up in my feed and thought that my skill sets as a speaker would have made an enormous difference to you and your audience 

Anyway - that's my hard sell  Feel free to check out my website - glennmanton.com and if you think the fit appropriate I'd be happy to hear from you.

This isn't a generic message...I'm stressing writing it as it's not my style but I've got to be more pro-active about my working life.


Kind regards,

Glenn Manton

And now I've shared my message with you.


Glenn Manton on Donald Trump win

The ignorance.

The arrogance.

The racism.

The sexism.

The Donald.

The newly elected President of the deeply dived United States of America is Mr Donald Trump even after a good nights sleep.

Through deliberate skill or pointed bravado Donald Trump has successfully manipulated the media monster that 'we' have allowed to dictate our values.

He didn't bite the hand that fed him as much as he gnawed it off. 

Trump won the media battle crushing his opponent Hilary Clinton in the process.

His appointment to the Whitehouse should serve notice that it is 'our' time to act.

With accuracy we should target the media.

Media which relentlessly disseminatesfear to suggest the value of your life against people of different race ,religion or sexuality, your acquisition of material wealth or who deserves your attention and admiration.

Trump played the media.The media played us. We played ourselves.

Our willingness to accept journalism and programming across all forms of media that is purely fear driven is at the core of Trumps ascension to power.

We provided the platform. We shared our interest. We asked for more.

Mr Donald Trump never deserved our attention.

Long before this political race we added kindling to the fire by accepting the media's self centered promotion of Donald Trump. (For want of one example) The Apprentice. Please! We could have fired Trump years ago but instead chose to buy in by tuning in when we should have ensured we tuned out.

Trumps election should laser focus our media digestion ensuring we ingest only the most researched and well weighted journalism (and programming). Journalism that injects ethical opinion, increases community value and truly sheds light on the world (and the issues) around us.

Now Trumps long dark shadow is cast upon us all including our children - globally. Said children need to see this desperate adult decision as the catalyst for change in their world.

Our children need to be taught how to lead individually and collectively.

This process starts with education.

Media studies should be part of the base curriculum in schools from primary age.

Empowering future generations with the tools necessary to dissect media (including social media, general programming and advertising) prevents the growth and subsequent strength of an individual such as Donald Trump. We need to compliment such action as adults withrole modelling in this space that must be A1 - nothing less. We must take the oxygen away from second rate media sources and their promotions (programs/individuals)

To those journalists, editors and producers that report and share stories and insight with integrity and passion I thank you for your efforts and hope that this time shines a light upon your 'copy' or 'broadcast' be it under the banner of a major media player or from your desk at home.

And to those hacks who portray fear to the masses using the full colour spectrum I sincerely hope that this Presidential election marks a global community shift that sees your shallow ambition/s targeted and destroyed. There are simply too many untalented, ego centric, money driven journalists prepared to 'do whatever it takes for a story' or for a foot on the corporate ladder even if that is to fabricate ,manipulate or complicate in order to promote fear.

We haven't reached this point because of Trump. Or Clinton.Nor the institution that is the media.

'We' are here because 'we' lost sight of what that institution should mean to us.

We control the media.

Now is the time to act accordingly.

Own the media.

Demand accuracy.

Promote people-stories-articles-programs of real value.

Ensure positive evolution for all.

The Donald must be seen as The wake up call.

*For the record I couldn't have cast a vote for either candidate...I hold no such privilege when it comes to American politics. Which is fortunate as I find it hard enough to vote in my own country where we harbour our own collection of questionable political characters. 

I do however have the interest and ability to thoughtfully curate the world of media about me ensuring'fear' never acts as the foundation for my actions or my role modelling.



The beauty of Zoolander #Authentic

Glenn Manton Authentic

Removing your underwear without first removing your pants is an impressive act of physical contortion and mental aptitude.

Watching the original Zoolander (movie) ahead of its imminent sequel not only reminded me of Hansels's ability to perform under the intense pressure of a 'walk off' but also the importance of safety protocols at petrol stations & Frankie goes to Hollywood.

Beyond having my memory jolted the movie got me thinking about beauty. Or to be more specific what real beauty is.

What does it look like?
What does it sound like?
What does it act like?

We live in a age of instant gratification. An age where 'likes' equal currency. Currency that translates into everything from real world dollars to imagined social status.Most social media pilots know how to manipulate themselves via photo to best 'share' their good side beit below their waste,across their chest or resting upon their neck.

Is this a reflection of beauty?

I have a friend who models for a variety of different clothing lines from sports wear to high end fashion labels.Her physical beauty is obvious. She ticks all the right visual boxes and certainly knows her craft in front of the camera with her raw or polished pictures always looking amazing...but it's her true beauty that is worthy of attention...my apologies 'likes'.

She exudes a tangible zest for life,interest in and warmth for other people and a sense of grounded self worth.Qualities which are often over shadowed in today's gratuitous world.

Using my friends personal qualities as a starting point I looked to create a short list of words (qualities) that encompass beauty...true beauty. Words to motivate...practice and live by.

My list included honesty,forgiveness,patience,
empathy and admiration.

To be thoughtfully honest in your assessment of self or critique of another is beautiful.

To show real patience internally or externally is a beautiful quality.

To admire without reward and in turn share that admiration is a beautiful trait.

To consistently display the ability to relate to and appreciate another person demonstrates not only empathy but beauty.

And to be able to genuinely forgive may show beauty in its most raw form.

That Hansel...he's so hot right now...but so is the person who chooses to practice real beauty rather than looking to capture it in an image in an attempt to gain recognition.

There is no beauty in forced significance.


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Australia Day,nightclubs & Star Wars #Authentic

Glenn Manton Authentic

Trainers,skinny jeans and a basic t-shirt...come on in. 
Loud Hawaiian shirt,denim shorts and boat shoes...welcome.
Retro pants,oversized singlet and Havaianas...please enter. 
Flowing hipster beard,tightly cropped hair,tall and gangly or ewok short all sorts are welcomed into the 2016 night club.

There was a time however when gaining entry into a dim,dank and often desperate after hours space was far more challenging.

Like an Imperial starship jammed pack with Stormtroopers the requirement was that everybody looked the same. Otherwise you simply didn't get in.
Blue jeans,checked shirt and Blundstones or 'Sorry mate not tonight'.

The odd exception past the line of scrimmage and enjoyed his place as a peacock amongst pigeons but generally everyone looked cloned.

Fast forward to Australia Day 2016 and beyond the days that someone would steal my identity for the night and my free drink card at the Tunnel and things have changed for the better.

It still doesn't hurt to be wearing 'the right' trainers or sport appropriately groomed facial hair but in general if you present well,smell vaguely human and act in a civilized fashion you will be welcomed into one of the plethora of night clubs,bars and late night venues around Australia.

Of course some establishments have strict dress requirements. And an argument could be made that some welcome all to ensure they make a dollar.

But I think the truth lies in the fact that as a country,community and as individuals the vast majority of Australians have come to not only recognize but celebrate the fact that our incredible land is home to so many wonderfully diverse people.

People who enjoy equal opportunity to enjoy the greatest common denominator that is music (and a drink or two) regardless of what they wear,the color of their skin or the origins of their family.

I hope that this Australia Day reminds us all that we should embrace individuality,celebrate diversity and be inclusive of all those who wish to uphold the same values.

I enjoy sharing my country and the dance floor with people whose current perspectives and personal history are different to mine. This is how I learn to appreciate...and grow.

Australia Day...an invaluable reminder of 'our' great strengths collectively and the Tunnel...or Revolver.


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Life poses many questions - Like are you Authentic?

Glenn Manton Authentic

Life poses many questions.

The questions themselves really shouldn't be seen as unexpected as most are age old...it's more a case of the timing of said questions as we are often asked at the most inconvenient of moments.

Regardless (for example) of our age,culture,economic status or education the questions we face as individuals are universal.

Considering the questions 'ahead of time' is a proactive approach to ensuring that your answer/s are as thoughtful and informed as possible.

For example...How might you answer these three distinctly different questions...

What is failure?
Are we free?
Does everybody have depression?

What drove your answer?
Do your answers genuinely reflect your understanding or are they the sole result of external influence?
Are you answers emotionally driven,overtly calculated or a considered blend of both?
Do you see your answers as being final or could time/experience change the direction of your response?

There are many angles to consider.

My latest book Authentic (a hard cover diary sized publication) shares 99 carefully curated questions that range from playful to provocative in order to provide the reader with a non-prescriptive platform from which to think for themselves.

The response to Authentic has been overwhelming with schools,corporate groups and community bodies/clubs acquiring bulk copies for employee,student and teams alike in order to promote genuine thought and conversation/s within individuals and groups.

No one has all the answers. However to have at least thought carefully about the question/s is an advantageous starting point.Authentic provides the reader with such a position.

Perspective is a valuable resource so to empathy and debate.

My thinking is the result of being hungry for knowledge...a preparedness to challenge the status quo and a want to be able to answer the questions that life inevitably throws at us all in a thoughtful way.

Whether you're a VCE student,entrenched business person or simply someone wanting to learn more about themselves & the world around you Authentic represents a positive personal investment.
Written without prescription or deliberate provocation Authentic is targeted at anyone wanting to think,rethink or just hear their own voice above a world of noise.

Authentic sets out each of it's 99 questions opposite a lined page inviting your response written or otherwise.

Write one word or more.
Sit back and ponder.
Discuss with friends and peers.
The investment is yours alone.
As too the result.

Invest in yourself...purchase a copy here -