The 5 keys to your health and fitness. (sports) goals sit on your shoulders.

Yogi Berra's famous quote 'Baseball is 90% mental...the other half is physical' holds true for all physical endeavors.

The 90-10 (percentage) rule is often cited by trainers,coaches and athletes as they try to qualify the impact of mental health on their chosen pursuit though generally with greater accuracy than Yogi.

Achieving your health and fitness goal/s is all about percentage.The numbers always fall in favor of mental preparation and wellbeing.Physical skill sets come second to psychological foundations.

All human beings are incredible individuals. The range of (life) performance from said persons is vast to say the least.

From astonishingly good to frighteningly bad. Health and fitness highlights this fact.

For every athlete (person) that achieves either publicly or privately by enacting positive performance principles there are others who choose to find a short cut -generally down a much darker path to what they deem success. Some choose to fail before they begin whilst others seemingly enjoy self sabotage.The possibilities are endless in either the negative or positive.

So what defines success in the world of health and fitness (sports)?

In this writers opinion success is training/competing with real integrity without the money,adulation or incentive of any sponsors,media or fans. During these personal times the true competitor shines through. During these times mental skills are honed and reserves are shored.

What does this have to do with you?

Everything.There's no difference between your desire to regularly attend the gym and a pro athletes dream of a gold medal. None.

Both are goals. Both may or may not be achieved. Both require more mental aptitude than physical skill. Both require you to risk failure.

Where the difference may lay is in your ability to genuinely mental prepare to achieve your goal.Below is a mental framework I use against my physical goals.

Assessment of self - What is my current physical situation? Why have I reached this point?(Honesty is a must)

Appreciation of motivation - What is going to fuel my commitment? (Anger/revenge are only ever short term motivators)

Designation of time - How will space/time be regularly created to pursue my focus? (YOU have to make the time and space.Negotiate-prioritize)

Goals - What realistic short term goals can be set? What is my long term goal? (Using numbers allows you to easily track progress.Time-distance-amount)

Refocus triggers - What will I use to refresh my focus? (How will you reward your efforts without undermining your next steps?)

These 5 keys are easier read than enacted but should you choose to use them I believe with persistence you will refine them and develop a personalized approach. Effective planning is the key to creating and maintaining physical wellbeing. Your regular attendance at the gym depends on it.

Thus goals are relative. The commitment to pursue them is not. A willingness to sacrifice and invest is what separates those who do and don't.

There is always a price to pay.

Emptiness in deceit.

A reward for investment.

And satisfaction in the knowledge you earn't 'your' result.

Mental prep before physical step.