Phil Partington, Talent Manager, AFL Victoria

“There are speakers and facilitators who just turn up and present without any "Buy In". Glenn Manton "Buy's In" but more importantly his audience will totally do the same without trying. 

Glenn's ability to engage, challenge, and interact with the youth of today is his strength and the passion he shows will motivate the room. ”

Larissa Anderson, Head Coach Dandenong Ranger WNBL

Glenn uses his experiences in sport and life to provide an environment which allows both the individual and group to go on a journey together. His sense of humour and playful personality immediately have the room relaxed and participating in a way that benefits you both individually and as a group or a team. Glenn's custom workshop not only addressed our teams needs but set us I the right course for the upcoming season.

Dr. David Parkin, OAM

“Glenn Manton has been a colleague and friend for the past two decades. As a highly trained teacher and ex professional sportsman, he has applied both his training & experience to working with young people. Currently, as the Director of PULL, he facilitates workshops for young people, assisting them to understand their intrinsic motivations, and building their confidence to make a positive contribution to society His workshops are unique in their ability to engage and provoke.The overall effect being empowering.

Maryann Leslie, Wellness Coordinator Robinvale P-12

“Glenn Manton’s visit to Robinvale College showed his ability to connect with students of all ages, ranging from Grades 5/6 up to the most senior levels. His sessions with groups of students were based completely on honesty and integrity. A number of issues specific to the particular groups were discussed: many with humour and others with heartfelt responses, all of which were accepted by the everyone in the group as valid, real and in some cases courageous. The legacy left was that we all need to speak and act with integrity, being true to ourselves, yet mindful of others. We are a very multicultural school and Glenn made such an impact with all of our students and to this day has kept in touch via social media with our students. 

David Sharrock, Managing Principal, 

Sharrock Pitman Legal Pty Ltd

“We were delighted to have Glenn  Manton as a guest presenter at a quarterly meeting of our business club.

 Glenn conducted an interactive workshop for a whole lot of men and women in suits. Glenn calls it ‘speed dating for business people’.

 The workshop  started with an engaging and  deeply moving story, followed by a lively, fast paced and fun session over the next hour as people met with each other one on one to listen, converse and relate. 

 The room came alive during the workshop as Glenn led us out of our comfort zones to enjoy what he calls ‘positive conversations and life giving relationships’. He did so with lots of good humour and had a  strong rapport and connection with everyone. His own style of communication was warm and friendly and his whole approach was reassuring and imbuing of trust and confidence.

 Everyone left the meeting abuzz with excitement and energised by what had happened in the workshop. Everyone left with a challenge (caught more than taught)  to focus less on themselves and more on others ..... and so see their lives and businesses transformed.  

 That’s all pretty powerful and impressive stuff Mr Manton. Highly recommended. Thank you indeed!

Manesha Year 11 , James Ruse Agricultural High School NSW

“Our grade had the pleasure of listening to Glenn Manton speak to us. What seemed to be another motivational talk grew into a deep emotional journey, which led to self-reflection and growth in each and every single student.

It was confronting and emotionally charged at times however ultimately the grade changed as a whole and everyone opened up to each other.

Personally, I really did enjoy the challenge to uncover what really makes me myself and I believe that it is incredibly important for everyone to know who they are - because at the end of the day, not everyone does. ”

Leon Harris, AFL Victoria

“When Glenn came and spoke to us, I first thought he was a serious guy, but when he started to speak about his life he turned out to be a really funny emotional bloke. His stories were amazing and definitely made me think about the choices I make in life, I would most definitely like to see Glenn again.

I my capacity as High Performance Manager at AFL VIC, overlooking the  Victoria Country I had appointed Glenn in many roles and have found him to be an engaging, communicative and competent person in the sphere of elite youth football development as both a player and person.

His many roles of assistant coaching, leadership programs and mentoring young players grows the individual into a mature team player. His ability to connect with these young players is exceptional. Many present day AFL players have continued to have strong friendships and seek out his knowledge.


His ability to bring a team together that come from different Victorian regions has been critical in the success of the Vic Country been competitive from the commencement of the nationals. Glenn continues to provide great leadership skills in his unique manner.

Michael Russell, Athlete workshop co-ordinator

“Glenn is a dynamic facilitator, who combines his varied life experiences into a unique learning experience. Participants of Glenn’s workshops will walk away with a newfound knowledge of life and have the confidence to confront life’s ups, downs and everything in between.

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